Guide to Certification for STC Tested Mark
“STC tested” Mark (Macau) Scheme
CC-SCH-035 玩具產品 Rev 0
CC-SCH-033 (AVIT and Communication Equipment) Rev 0
Application Form for Product Certification (F001/G)
HKSM Regulations
CC/SCH/023 (Protective Gloves against Mechanical Risks)
Guide to Certification
CC-SCH-032 (Occupational Footwear without Toecap Protection) Rev 0
CC-SCH-031 (Safety footwear with toecap) Rev 0
CC-SCH-030 (Protective gloves against dangerous chemicals and micro-organisms) Rev 0
CC/SCH/004 (Luminaires)
CC-SCH-029 (Occupational Footwear without Toecap Protection)
CC/SCH/025 (Industrial Safety Helmet)
CC/SCH/024 (Protective Gloves against Thermal Risks)
CC/SCH/022 (Safety Footwear with Toecap)
CC/SCH/017 (Biodegradable products)
CC/SCH/016(Fire Resistant - Bedding Materials)
CC/SCH/010 Excellent Service Scheme
CC/SCH/009 Hong Kong Green ECO Mark
CC/SCH/008 ( plugs, socket-outlets, adaptors , connection units , and extension unit)
CC/SCH/003 (IT Equipment)
CC/SCH/002 (AV Product)
CC/SCH/001 (Electrical Product)
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